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SelectrocideTM 12G 
For Food and Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Selectrocide 12G

The Selectrocide 12G product is a sachet that can generate approximately 630 gallons of chlorine dioxide sanitizer. To initiate generation, simply immerse the sachet in water and allow 12 hours to generate. The concentration is volume dependent. For example, the 12G will produce a 100 ppm (0.01%) solution in 120 liters. The sachet can be used as a single unit, or in multiples to produce larger volumes or higher concentrations. For all the details, download the 12G technical bulletin or product data sheet. 

EXAMPLE: One 12G generated in 30 gallons of water may be further diluted at a ratio of 1:20 to make a total of 630 gallons of sanitizer.

To measure the concentration of chlorine dioxide solutions, use chlorine dioxide test strips.

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