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SelectrocideTM 2L500 
Use as A Direct Food Wash or for Surfaces
Selective Micro 2L500 Chlorine Dioxide

This product generates two liters of chlorine dioxide solution in an easy-to-use, self-contained pouch. To initiate generation from an inner sachet, simply fill the pouch with cool potable water and allow to generate for 6 hours. This process will yield approximately 55 gallons of sanitizer. 

Dispense 1-2 oz. of concentrate per 1 gallon of water to produce a sanitizer that may be used as a direct food wash or a food contact surface sanitizer.  NO RINSE REQUIRED!

Selectrocide 2L500 Generation Procedures

Selectrocide 2L500 Generation Procedures
Direct Food Wash

Selectrocide 2L500 Product Label

Selectrocide 2L500 MSDS

Selectrocide 2L500 Technical Bulletin
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